Hello, my name is Nick Wallis. I am a freelance journalist. This website is designed to be a hub for my activity reporting the Post Office Horizon Scandal. Most of the work I have done on this story is crowdfunded. The crowdfunding pays for the journalism on this website. Occasionally I get lucky and someone pays me to do a bit of broadcast or newspaper journalism, which I am always grateful for.

I have presented, produced and consulted on three BBC Panoramas about the Post Office scandal. I have written about it for Private Eye (with the genius that is Richard Brooks) and presented a BBC Radio 4 series on the subject called The Great Post Office Trial (produced by the genius that is Bob Nicholson). I have also written a book called The Great Post Office Scandal, which you can buy here or from Amazon, here. Most recently, I was series consultant on the ITV drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office.

If you want to stay on top of what is happening with the scandal and are able to make a small (or large) donation, you will be added to the ‘secret’ email – an irregular and sometimes irreverent newsletter which will give you the inside track on what is happening around this story. There are now many hundreds of subscribers to the secret email, which started in 2018, just before the first trial in the Bates v Post Office High Court litigation. My work on that case can be found here.

If you are not in a financial position to make a donation or buy a book, do not worry – please treat this website as a free and open resource.

Other work

Johnny Depp – Due to a chance assignment for Channel 5 news in 2020, I ended up reporting most of the Depp v NGN High Court case, publishing transcripts and court documents. In 2022 I crowdfunded my way to the US where I reported on every day of Depp v Heard. You can now buy my second book Depp v Heard: the unreal story from Amazon or direct from Bath Publishing.

I have also fronted several crime series for Channel 5/Spike TV which occasionally show up in other countries on Netflix etc.