Secret email about the Post Office Scandal. Shh!

Post Office trial secret email


The Rolls Building where the Post Office trial will take place

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The photograph above is one I took today of the Rolls Building off Fetter Lane in Central London earlier today (I was working nearby!)

It is a sort of annex of the High Court. I had a coffee with the one of the agency reporters at the High Court the other day. When I told him this was where the trial was taking place, his face fell.

It might be a wonderful place to be part of a trial, but it’s apparently not a wonderful building to be a reporter. Most courts in the Rolls Building apparently don’t even have benches reserved for journalists. And the acoustics aren’t all that either. Apparently.

We don’t know even know which court room this trial will get at the moment. It might be one of the better ones.

Let’s hope so. Anyway. Welcome to the secret emails – please reply if you have any comments. Even if I can’t reply I promise I read them all.



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