The Second Sight Interim Report

Ron Warmington (l) and Ian Henderston (r)

I’ve been talking a lot recently about Second Sight’s Interim Report, written by Ron Warmington and Ian Henderson. It is a game-changing, short, easy-to-read document, released on 8 July 2013 which sets out all of the Post Office’s problems to them in clear language.

It used to be published on the Post Office website, but it isn’t any more.

I am sure you can find it on the internet somewhere, but I thought it made sense to post it here. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s worth a read or a download.

I also did a fisking of the Interim Report in 2013 for a very old personal blog. Do have a read of that if you’re interested.

I am currently touring Post Office Scandal – the Inside Story. Please do come and see us as we make our way around the country (all dates here).

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6 responses to “The Second Sight Interim Report”

  1. […] Fujitsu engineer Gareth Jenkins had given expert evidence at Seema Misra’s 2010 trial without disclosing his knowledge of bugs, errors and defects within the Post Office’s Horizon system. In June 2013, Simon Clarke, an in-house barrister at Cartwright King (who prosecuted Subpostmasters on behalf of the Post Office) became aware of the draft Second Sight Interim Report. […]

  2. […] She wanted to do the right thing, which was manage the delivery of Second Sight’s independent (Interim) report, and to some degree she succeeded. She also colluded with her client, the Post Office, to change […]

  3. Attended your Shrewsbury Event (travelled from Manchester) with sub-post masters Moahamed Hami and Rubbina Shaheen. Very good event and lots of detail. I listened to your pod cast and read your book and have been following the Post Office Scandal for some time. Your recollection for what happened and when is amazing …I found the book heavy going due to the detail and timescales …allot to take in.
    What I took away from the Shrewsbury Event was the impact this has had on the sub-post masters ..hearing about Rubbina’s long term health issues was a difficult listen.
    Best event I have attended for some time and please continue with them …hopefully in the North West

  4. The Second Sight Interim Report (together with our other reports) is available on the JFSA website:

    Ian Henderson

  5. Hi Nick have you any plans to bring your tour up north? leeds?

  6. Nick
    I attended your presentation last week at Evesham and thought it was excellent, and a great idea to have a post master talking from her experience (very moving). Well done for everything you have done. Your book was a jaw dropper. Read it all in 2 weeks (very good for me).
    Keep up the good work with your team.

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