The ‘Shredding’ Advice

The Post Office sign at my local Post Office in August 2013. This photo was taken the same month the 'Shredding' advice was written

Last week I published the first Clarke advice, which was effectively a THIS ENDS HERE. NOW document written by Simon Clarke, an external barrister working on Subpostmaster prosecutions

To give context to the initial advice, I have updated that post with some (hopefully) helpful links.

The Shredding Advice

Shortly after writing his first advice, Mr Clarke was moved to write a second advice, when it came to his attention that measures put in place to attempt to start to rectify what had been going on with Post Office prosecutions were being subverted (by, as it turns out, the Post Office’s own Head of Security).

Do have a read:

Coming soon, the reaction of the Post Office’s General Counsel, Susan Crichton, to being made aware of the Shredding Advice.

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2 responses to “The ‘Shredding’ Advice”

  1. […] Clarke reported: ‘The minutes of a previous conference call had been typed and emailed to a number of persons. An instruction was then given that those emails and minutes should be, and have been, destroyed: the word “shredded” was conveyed to me.’ (You can read the full Shredding Advice here). […]

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