The first Clarke Advice

Pic: Jenny Gavin-Wear 
Copyright: Copyright JGW Photography 2016

The Clarke Advice was written by the barrister Simon Clarke (above) when he worked for Cartwright King in 2013.

I’m not sure it is has been published in full before, so here it is:

For context as to the importance of this advice, see:

What’s in the 2013 Simon Clarke document?

Oral submission to support the application to receive the Clarke advice

Barrister quits over Clarke Advice order

There’s plenty more to dig through on the Post Office Trial website, predecessor to this one. My book (if I might give that a plug) puts the advice, its fall-out, the subsequent Post Office cover-up and the extraordinary reluctance of the Post Office to allow it to be made public even as late as 2021 all into context.

You may also want to read Simon Clarke’s next advice to the Post Office, known as the ‘Shredding’ advice.

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