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Paula Vennells’ CBE: update

Reporting the class action against the Post Office at the High Court

Paula Vennells’ CBE

In a recent blog post I mentioned Paula Vennells’ CBE and the public response to it. The JFSA have now issued a statement:

“The JFSA is stunned at how inappropriate it was to award a CBE to Paula Vennells, CEO of Post Office Limited, an organization she leads which has brought so much suffering to many Subpostmasters, their families and communities. How the destruction and financial ruin of so many lives entitles someone in total denial of the failures of her company, to an award usually reserved for those who have made a positive distinguished or notable contribution, is beyond understanding. Surely they have made a mistake?”

I have amended the blog post to accommodate this statement.


Other things…

1) I don’t have any inside knowledge, but from what I have seen the Common Issues trial judgment is almost certain to arrive between 14 – 17 January. Once I narrow it down to the correct date I’ll make sure I’m there when it is handed down.

2) I have received and am working on a few more Subpostmaster experiences which I am hoping to edit and publish in the New Year – what we have on the blog so far is building up into some incredibly powerful personal testimony. It takes my breath away every time I read them.

3) I know I said I’d try to use the holiday period to make the blog a bit more navigable – that hasn’t happened, but I will do my best to do so before the judgment lands as I expect may see an increase in traffic.

Finally – thanks again for all your support – those thanks go to everyone who has financially contributed to the project, read and shared the blog posts, corresponded with me, allowed me to publish their stories and, of course, those who have supplied me with confidential information which has greatly increased my understanding of this story.

To each and every single person who is involved in this story in the slightest way – I hope you have a very happy and prosperous 2019. I wonder what it will bring? Whether it’s delays, obfuscation and disappointment or giant steps towards resolution, I aim to report it all as comprehensively as I am able.

Very best regards


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