Secret email about the Post Office Scandal. Shh!

Post Office Trial secret email update 1 Dec

Well… has it?

Pinch, punch…

A super-quick secret email this morning to let you know that the Daily Mail piece I mentioned a couple of times has gone in (see photo above). It’s a two-pager and it might get some attention. Antonia Hoyle is a class act and I apologise for missing her byline off this photo. It’s on the other page of this two page piece. p48 – 49. Go buy it today.

Also if haven’t yet seen the great Karl Flinders piece on the CCRC decision, please do click here. I am going to try to write something about the CCRC myself this evening, but when someone as good as Karl beats you to the scoop, maybe I should just watch Manchester United grind out an unconvincing win against relegation favourites Southampton instead.

I’m off to MC the school Christmas fete. In the warm snow.* Have a great weekend.

* rain.

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