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The Stamp of Innocence: Noel’s book is published in English!

Special podcast episode!

(l-r) Aled Gyn Jôb, Sian Thomas, Noel Thomas

Hello everyone

I am delighted to tell you that the English language version of Noel (and Sian) Thomas’s book The Stamp of Innocence is finally available as an e-book via Amazon.

To mark this auspicious occasion, I interview Noel and his ghostwriter Aled Gwyn Jôb about the book and its Welsh language version (published in April this year) “Llythyr Noel: Dal y Post”.

The translation and publication of The Stamp of Innocence has been entirely crowdfunded, and I think it’s fair to say that a huge chunk of that crowdfunding came from recipients of this newsletter or people you kindly forwarded the crowdfunding link to.

There is a special message of thanks from Noel in the podcast for everyone who contributed.

I really hope you like the interview – it was quite a logistical effort to get it together. I am grateful to Rebecca, Whistledown Productions and Sian, who engineered all the tech at her end, but sadly couldn’t actually take part in the recording as she had a sore throat. We got a good photo of them all though, didn’t we?!

The ebook retails at £8.99 – I’ve read it and it is beautifully put together. Well done everyone for getting it together and out into the world.

Wendy Cousins

After much delay, my ITV News item about Wendy Cousins and her family finally went out last night. Apple News briefly put the web version on their front page, which meant it got a huge amount of traction.

You can watch it here – or please share the link:

The piece has had a good response. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it do give it a go. As I said yesterday, I am very grateful to the Cousins family for letting me film them and for passing on the family photos we were able to use in the feature.

I’ll be back on Monday with another newsletter. Professor Richard Moorhead and his team have another interesting Post Office project on the boil, which he’s asked me to contact you about, and there’s loads of other stuff to tell you, not least that The Great Post Office Trial returns to BBC Radio 4 on 13 November for five new episodes. I finished the last of the voiceover sessions for the final episode today. Producer Bob at Whistledown thinks we may have some good stuff on our hands.

Next it goes to the lawyers, and we all know what they can do to things (legal ed – yes, stop you getting sued)!


Listen to the podcast, buy Noel’s ebook, watch the ITV News piece and have a great weekend.



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