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Absence of evidence….

Media activity and new blog post

Hi everyone

Another very quick note to alert you to a new blog post covering a specific section of former Fujitsu engineer Anne Chambers’ evidence to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry. Read it here.

Gareth Jenkins (the other known former Fujitsu engineer under criminal investigation) is now not giving evidence until July for reasons explained in the preamble to yesterday morning’s evidence by the Inquiry Chair Sir Wyn Williams, here. As a result the Inquiry is not sitting over the next two days.

Marina and Michael

Star Guardian columnist, Marina Hyde, who has (brilliantly) touched on the Post Office Horizon IT scandal before, wrote another column on it yesterday – this time with less humour and more outright anger. It touched a nerve. Her tweet highlighting the column was picked up by the children’s author Michael Rosen, who amplified it, no doubt generated hundreds of thousands of views for the story. This awareness-raising matters, and I’m grateful for it.

Podcast reminder

Professor Richard Moorhead (member of Postmaster compensation schemes independent advisory board and legal ethicist), Helen Lacey (publisher and trustee of the Horizon Scandal Fund) and Robert Nicholson (producer of BBC Sounds award-winning Great Post Office Trial) all gave up their Bank Holiday afternoons on Monday to reflect on last week’s Inquiry Compensation Hearing for the Investigating the Post Office Scandal Podcast. You can stream or download the episode from Audioboom (here), or search for it on Apple Music or Spotify.

Right – I have to go. I’ve been commissioned to write a piece for a newspaper about the other thing and haven’t started yet.

Take care


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