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Chewing over Yet Another Compensation Hearing – podcast out now

Moorhead, Lacey and Nicholson hold forth

Hi everyone

I couldn’t attend the Post Office Horizon IT Compensation Hearing on Thursday but I have now had a chance to look through the YouTube video, read the transcript and chew everything over with one person who has done the same as me and two more people who were actually there.

Professor Richard Moorhead, Helen Lacey and Robert Nicholson all gave up their Bank Holiday afternoons today to reflect on what they heard. I managed to successfully record their words and turn them into a podcast, freshly baked and ready to stream or download on Audioboom (here), Apple Music or Spotify.

We also tee up the next few days at the Inquiry where we are expecting to hear from former Fujitsu engineers Anne Chambers and Gareth Jenkins.

I am very grateful to my guests for their time.

I hope you find it a useful listen.

Very best


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