Secret email about the Post Office Scandal. Shh!

Horizon trial: The Story So Far

Good morning all

Amazingly most of the children have stayed in bed long enough for me to bring the Horizon trial menu up to date.

When I started thinking about the workflow for this project, I must admit I didn’t really take into account the time I would spend generally bashing the keyboard from a non-writing perspective.

It’s fair to say the process of sourcing, uploading, formatting, publishing and disseminating website and email content takes about 30% of the time I spend on this project. And it is very boring. But hey – no pain, no gain.

So please do enjoy the fruits of three hours work this morning, which on the face of it has very little to show for itself, but at least puts links all the Horizon trial and recusal material on one page.

Doing this meant having another look at some of the things which have come out of the trial in evidence. The revelation which came on Day 6 (see “The £5000 question“) that even today debt proceedings against Subpostmasters suffering discrepancies starts without investigation at an entirely arbitrary level is something I still find utterly bonkers and is worth reminding yourself of.

If you are new to this story and the secret emails, first of all, hello and thanks for the donation. Secondly if you don’t really know really know where to start – two favourite pieces are:

Going Postal – which is about the recusal application

Into the Horizone – which is about the weird and wonderful world of Horizon IT

Actually that’s not true – they’re just my favourite headlines. But they are quite easy reads. I’m not linking to any of the above in this email – go into the Horizon trial menu and find them!

The children are now awake and there’s a guinea pig hutch which needs mucking out, so I had better go.

Happy Easter!


PS please note I have resisted calling the “Horizon trial” the “Horizon Issues trial” for reasons of brevity. In the run up to the trial starting I am sure it was referred to as the Horizon trial, then for some reason in March it suddenly developed “issues”. I am delighted, on a very petty level, to note the Court of Appeal are calling it the Horizon trial. We’ll see how this little battle plays out over the course of the next few, well, years, probably…

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