Secret email about the Post Office Scandal. Shh!

“I hope that some of them may end up in prison for perverting the course of justice.”

Marshall spells it out

Yesterday afternoon I watched Zoom lecture by the barrister Paul Marshall, hosted by the University of Law in London.

It was spellbinding. Mr Marshall neatly draws the line between Fujitsu, the Post Office, government and his own legal profession’s multiple failings whilst hammering home the impact on people whose names may be familiar to you – Tracy Felstead, Lee Castleton, Seema Misra and Janet Skinner.

(if the above names are not familiar to you, there is a wealth of information which may be of interest on

Mr Marshall’s inevitable conclusion is that there is criminal culpability at the heart of this. Paul thinks people should go to jail. The right ones, this time.

If you do one thing this weekend, pour yourself a cup of tea, sit down and spend 20 minutes reading the text of Mr Marshall’s seminar here. It is well worth it.

Incidentally, Mr Marshall, his former junior Flora Page, Ian Henderson from Second Sight, Nick Gould from Aria Grace law and legal ethicist Professor Richard Moorhead are appearing among a cast of thousands in a discussion hosted by University College London at 4.30pm on Monday. Guess what they’re going to be talking about? A clue may be in the title: “Justice for Sub-postmasters in the Post Office case”.

If you want to sign up to watch (it’s free), the link is here.

Other things

If you have the capacity to do several things this weekend, you might want to take a look at or listen to:

Crafty Counsel Investigates – a 4 minute report about the scandal.

The Digital Human, “Legacy” featuring Second Sight’s Ron Warmington and former Subpostmaster Deirdre Connolly.

And Computer Weekly marked the formal re-birth of the Post Office Horizon IT inquiry-lite as a statutory inquiry on 1 June.

Finally, thanks to everyone for the kind words re The Great Post Office Trial Episode 11: The Reckoning – working on it already seems like a hazy dream. A slightly longer version of all eleven episodes will soon be available on your favourite podcast platform, not just BBC Sounds.

Have a great weekend.


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