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Radio 4 doc double-whammy

The Digital Human and Episode 11 go live

Just a quickie!

The Great Post Office Trial Episode 11: The Reckoning went out on BBC Radio 4 last night. If you didn’t manage to catch it, you can listen to it here. My thanks to the cast of thousands whose contributions we had to edit to a tiny fraction of their original interviews. In retrospect we probably could have done another series. Hopefully I can do some more work on this story for Radio 4 going forward.

Thanks to everyone who has got in touch since last night’s programme. I really do appreciate it. Apologies if I don’t respond in a meaningful way, I’m dealing with large volumes of stuff at the moment, but I am very grateful.

Our doc was preceded by an extraordinary episode of The Digital Human, called “Legacy”. Second Sight’s Ron Warmington and former Subpostmaster Deirdre Connolly are the main contributors to a dissection of the Post Office’s Horizon system and the organisational disaster-show which led to the sackings and prosecutions of so many people. Like Anushka Asthana’s brilliant two-part interview with Janet Skinner, the Digital Human allows each interview to breathe. As a result, Ron Warming gets to explain in clear but forensic detail why Horizon was terrible and what was going wrong, and Deirdre details the emotional impact of what the Post Office did to her and her family.

Both programmes have very different styles but (hopefully) have the effect of raising awareness of the Horizon scandal in an engaging way. If you have a spare hour today to give them a listen I know the producers of both programmes – and Radio 4 – would be very grateful.

Thanks again


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