Secret email about the Post Office Scandal. Shh!

Like a “mid-Victorian factory-owner”

What a day for the claimants.

The Court of Appeal has rejected the Post Office’s attempt to appeal the first (Common Issues) trial judgment.

I have commented on Lord Coulson’s decision here – with quotes from some key players, including the one above.

You can find the 10,000-word reasons behind Lord Coulson’s thinking here.

There is a lot of joy in my inbox at the moment – perhaps more so than earlier this year, because Lord Coulson’s decision seals the deal. Every claimant has every right to feel very happy right now. I am sure Freeths will tell them there is a long way to go, and there probably is, but this is a meaningful victory.

Thank you so much for all the emails and all the donations which have been popping into the crowdfunding account.

I’m standing in a traveller’s cafe in Woking on the way back from investigating the Alton Marmot (here, if you want a chuckle), banging away on a laptop with very little battery, so I’d better go.

Have a great evening, and thanks so much for supporting this blog. It’s been a privilege to report it this far, and I’m looking forward to next week, when we may, or may not get the Horizon judgment.



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