Secret email about the Post Office Scandal. Shh!

Seven more Postmaster convictions could be quashed today

Three or four more remain opposed

Good morning. I am off to the Court of Appeal this morning for the first day of a hearing during which seven former Subpostmasters may have their convictions finally quashed.

I suspect, given the basic requirement not to delay justice, the court will rule on the seven unopposed cases first thing before dealing with the three or four opposed cases over the next couple of days and then ruling on them at a later date.

The reason the opposed number is not certain is because when I last spoke to the court, the Post Office had still not decided whether to oppose the case of Steven Duke. I know nothing about Mr Duke, but I suspect I will find out more soon.

Not all these cases are Post Office prosecutions. Some people were prosecuted by the DWP and so the CPS is acting as respondent (the DWP having lost its prosecution function some time ago). It’s a further complication which may slow things down.


If all goes as I suspect it will (and there is no guarantee), I have a logistical problem. Those whose convictions are quashed will want to leave court and may be photographed and interviewed on the court steps whilst the hearing into the opposed cases continues inside. I think grabbing photos and interviews is the priority, but apologies if I miss anything important inside. As I say, it may go differently, so I’ll suck it and see.

I’ll be live-tweeting events from my usual perch in the jury box in Court 4 from 10.30am. If you want to follow the tweets blow-by-blow,.

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I’ll try to get a report of today’s activities in court up on the website blog later, and I’ll send out another secret email at the same time tomorrow with more on today’s hearing and news of the launch of the Horizon Scandal Fund. Lots going on!



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